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History Of Cherry pocket

According to folklore Cherry Pocket was discovered in the late forties by two men, one named Mr. Cherry. Because of the way the land lays with the canals, they thought it looked like a pocket, therefore… CHERRY POCKET

It was a place for hardy fishermen and very few women. Rumor has it at distant times there have been cock-fighting, gambling, gator wrestling and of course lots of “Big Fish” caught in Lake Pierce and many “Big Fish Stories” to go along with that.

We have heard stories of men riding their horses in the front door of the tavern, having a drink, while still mounted on the horse, and then riding out the back door. We heard even more stories of men coming in thru the front door, having more than a few drinks, and then flying out the back door with the help of a fist of a man who had even more drinks. Talk to some of our long-time locals – they’ve seen it themselves!

people sitting at bar inside cherry pocket
people sitting at tables and chairs in a dining area

Cherry Pocket has had many owners and characters over the years with as many stories to be told. It has had many faces over the year and evolved into a Polk county version of “Cheers”, where everyone knows your name.  

You can enjoy a walk back into time and enjoy a visit with “Old Florida” while drinking or eating inside the original tavern, or out at the deck near the boat bar. Or you can walk by the lake filled with alligators, wildlife, and down-to-earth people. Any time you visit Cherry Pocket there’s no telling what or who you might find.

Cherry Pocket has over 20 acres of land on Lake Pierce with rental cabins, RV lots and plenty of fishing – we still get “BIG FISH” and plenty of “BIG FISH STORIES” around here.

The Tavern started out as a small room with a front door and a back door, a few groceries and bait and tackle. We’ve heard stories of men riding their horses in the front door of the tavern for a drink and out the back door. We also heard stories of men coming in the front door and flying out the back door with a little help from someone’s fist.

Nowadays, we are a family-friendly full-service restaurant and bar. Come for lunch and dinner 7 days a week!

Cherry Pocket resides on Lake Pierce, which was named after Franklin Pierce, our 14th President of the United States. It’s over 3700 acres of water with a total of 13.5 miles of shoreline. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your visit better. Thank you for your visit. We hope you enjoyed it. Come in as a stranger, leave as a friend. 

boat bar with high chairs lined up